Sci Fi Wire (US), November 26, 2003

Constantine Gets Noirish

Keanu Reeves, who stars in the upcoming comic-to-film Constantine, told SCI FI Wire that first-time director Francis Lawrence is giving the movie the right sensibility. "He's bringing a real film noir sense to it, which I think is really suitable for the character and the story," Reeves said in an interview.

Reeves said that the movie, based on the DC/Vertigo Hellblazer series, is several weeks into production and that he has already filmed in Long Beach, Calif.; downtown Los Angeles; and on the Warner Brothers studio lot in nearby Burbank. But though the movie is based on a comic, Reeves said he's basing his performance on what's in the script. "In terms of referencing the graphic novels, I've sourced them a little bit," he said. "I looked more at the shapes of the drawings and character and kind of just connected to his primal point of view." Reeves added that he's bringing anger to his character, supernatural detective John Constantine.

Should the first film be successful, Reeves is up for a franchise. "We have to make a film, and we have to tell a story," he said. "Certainly through the experience right now, I'm really enjoying the character, and hopefully we'll make a good film that's really going to dictate whether or not we continue telling stories about him, if people respond to the story." Warner Brothers will release Constantine in 2004.

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