Access Hollywood (US), November 28, 2003

Keanu on Access Hollywood


[CLIP: Scene where Keanu and Diane are at dinner. Also a bit from a trailer. And a scene where Keanu and Diane are in the kitchen and she's on the phone and Keanu keeps looking at her like he is smitten and he doesn't really know what to do about it. He looks up at her, then looks down and bites his lip, then looks back up at her, she starts laughing on the phone and then he smiles. Then they show a bit where he is telling her he will pick her up at 7.]

Keanu: It was very easy to become enamoured...or smitten!

Pat O'Brien: Slightly implausible, but you made it work, that these two people would fall in love...

Keanu: (gives the camera a look) Slightly implausible?! No way! Come on!

Pat: the face of everything. When you read the script and saw that you were going to fall in love with an older woman..

Keanu: Yeah..

Pat: ...and fall head over heels and chase her all over the world.

Keanu: Yes!

Pat: What were you thinking?

Keanu: I was a lucky man.

Pat: [to Diane] The bed scenes with Jack, what were those like?

Diane: Now those were very embarrassing.

Pat: You have a smile on your face, I like that, let's get into this baby!

Diane: You're killing me, I swear to God! Both of us had to be so intimate and thank God there were some jokes in that scene!

Pat: You have a hot body! I have to tell ya!

Diane: Oh stop!

Pat: I'm telling ya, you're hot!

Diane: This is insane!

Pat: You look hot! I can't wait to freeze frame... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, that was a joke!

Diane: Oh my God! I'm gonna die! What are you crazy?!

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Something's Gotta Give


Something's Gotta Give

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