Cosmopolitan (US), November 2003

Keanu finally comes clean

For years, he's been private about everything, but Cosmo found the candid side of sexy, still-single Keanu Reeves. He reveals what he wants from a woman, the crazy things he'll do for love, and the death-defying way he gets his kicks.

by Jennifer Kasle Furmaniak

When Keanu Reeves enters the back garden of Elixir Tonics and Teas in West Hollywood, the quiet zen like atmosphere erupts into whispers and giggles. You see, even jaded, hardcore Hollywood locals can't help but be starstruck by the 39 year old face of The Matrix trilogy, one of the biggest movie franchises ever to hit the big screen. No doubt, too, the attention he commands has something to do with his hot-without-trying look: worn in Levi's, a white-tee, and brown longish locks that are perfectly mussed from wearing a motorcycle helmet.

But beyond his alluringly exotic appearance (his father is part Chinese, part Hawaiian, his mother is English) Keanu has an unmistakable air of mystery. He's fiercly guarded and known for evading questions about his personal life. And he's hard to pin down because he rarely stays in one place for too long. He's been living out of a suitcase and in hotels ever since he appeared as Jack Traven in 1994's Speed. But the vagabond lifestyle is coming to an end. The Toronto native has finally laid down roots for the first time in nine years by purchasing a palatial pad in the Hollywood Hills. He's also blown his famous hush-hush interview policy and gotten downright forthcoming with Cosmo. Read on for a very rare glimpse of the secretive star's life.

Cosmo: It must have made you feel pretty damn good to have The Matrix Reloaded make $93 million the first weekend it was out, huh?
Yes, it's very exciting. I think the films are incredibly special, and to have so many people respond to them and to come out and see them in such a big way is a very rare thing to happen.

Cosmo: Will the The Matrix Revolutions answer the remaining story line questions?
The cycle will be complete. The directors aren't going to rip you off. At the end of the second one, they didn't say "To be continued" they said "To be concluded," which I thought was a cool thing.

Cosmo: What are the Matrix fans like?
People do Matrix costume parties and get tattoos and that sort of thing. But there was a breakfast cereal called Bill and Ted's Excellent Cereal, named after that movie, so nothing seems all that strange anymore.

Cosmo: Is it true that you, the guy who plays the computer hacker Thomas Anderson, (aka Neo) don't even own a computer?
Oh yea that's totally true. Isn't that great? I really should get one. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Cosmo: Playing Neo is physically demanding. How did you get into shape?
I trained all day long for four months, doing kicking, stretching, punching, and wirework (learning to use wires for all the gravity-defying kicks and flips). It was intense. The hardest part was the fight scene from Reloaded with the Smiths (a sequence with his enemy and multiple clones). I fought with 12 stuntment, we worked on it for three weeks, and I think Neo had something like 500 moves.

Cosmo: Did you ever get hurt?
One of the things about playing Neo is that you don’t get hit a lot. But there was a bit of blood. My thumb got cut and it burst open.

Cosmo: You’ve injured yourself on your bike a lot. Are you a big risk taker?
No, no, no. I’m just a really bad driver. Over the years, I’ve broken some teeth off, and I broke my ankle. I have a two-level fusion – which means I have a metal plate in my neck – and a ruptured spleen, some road-rash scars.

Cosmo: What’s so great about riding?
Oh, it’s just always so refreshing and invigorating. You’re completely exposed to the elements, and you feel like you have a real connection with them when you’re riding. And the best thing about it of all is that you’re totally alone.

Cosmo: You’re pretty private. How do you deal with the media attention?
The best I can. I really don’t pay a lot of attention to it. If it becomes overly intrusive, then it is an issue. I’m just surprised by what people feel they have a right to do or ask. It’s amazing. People choose what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Oftentimes, it’s not well-mannered and it’s none of their business.

Cosmo: Are you still with your band, Dogstar?
No. We just needed to take a break from one another. Now I’m in a new band called Becky Band.

Cosmo: When you’re up onstage and there are hundreds of people in the audience, what’s that like?
It’s really fun and exciting. It’s just such a creative way to express yourself and have a good time. I’ve had a couple of bras thrown onstage which is great. Keep the bras coming!

Cosmo: You’ve had some huge gigs too. With Dogstar, you opened for David Bowie and Bon Jovi.
Yeah. Bowie was at the Hollywood Palladium on Halloween night. That was crazy. We went on tour with Bon Jovi in Australia. We were the first of three bands, so we basically played to empty lawns and security guards, but we had a blast.

Cosmo: If you had to pick what would be a great day off for you?
Spending time with friends, maybe going for a short bike ride on my motorcycle, reading a little, having a good meal. I also like leaving days open for surprises. I try not to make schedules, because work is so focused. When I come home, it’s nice to leave things open and see where the day takes you.

Cosmo: What would be a perfect date?
One where we mutually had an exceptional time that had the wonderful thing that can happen on a first date where you are intoxicated with each other’s company and everything becomes good in the world and there’s hope and you’re just excited to see them. And you have great ease with them. Just a good experience.

Cosmo: Are you single?
I am currently single.

Cosmo: And looking?
Begging, pleading.

Cosmo: Do you ever want to get married?
I think so.

Cosmo: Would a girl need to commit to riding around on a motorcycle to date you?
No. It would be fine if she didn’t.

Cosmo: Do you like women to approach you, or do you prefer to approach women?
Yes. All of it. Any which way.

Cosmo: What are you still trying to figure out about women?
The figuring out is the fun part. It’s always wonderful to get to know women with the mystery and the joy and the depth.

Cosmo: Is there anything you know to be true about women?
That if you can make a woman laugh, you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s earth.

Cosmo: If you could have one get-out-of-jail-free card with a woman, what would you typically use it for?
I’d have to say lying and cheating.

Cosmo: Really?
Well, if I’m going to need that card, I’m going to keep it for the big stuff.

Cosmo: So are you saying that you lie and cheat? You walked right into that.
Oh, I knew exactly what I was walking into. Not to say that I’m a liar and a cheater, but since you’re offering it up it’s good to have that card. Maybe I can give it away to someone.

Cosmo: What’s a turn-on?
I’m pretty easily amused.

Cosmo: Anything in particular? Eyes, legs, hair, cleavage…..
Oh, those all sound so good.

Cosmo: Do you have a least-favorite body part and a favorite body part?
I’m not telling you that. Are you crazy?

Cosmo: Where is the most outrageous place you’ve ever had sex?
I don’t know… what is outrageous anymore? What I thought of as outrageous when I was 17, and now being 39, you know, that doesn’t count.

Cosmo: Right, because at 17, having sex in your parents’ bed is outrageous.
Yea, and now you just shouldn’t be doing that – it’s creepy. You probably shouldn’t have been doing it before, but you were 17. So let me think. I’ve made out in a cab, but I’ve never gone all the way in a cab. Or have I? No, you’d remember that right? Or maybe you wouldn’t and that would be the only way that you did it. You know what? Okay, yeah, I did, but I don’t remember. You can’t be sober and have sex in the back of a cab.

Cosmo: Exactly. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get a woman’s attention?
I haven’t done the letter-writing airplane in the sky or the “Come over for dinner and now we’re going to Paris” thing. I can’t wait to do those things, but I haven’t done them yet. If I ever meet someone, we’re going to have a good time, because I’m making a list.

Cosmo: What would you like to have in your life in 10 years that you don’t have right now?
I’d like to have another one of those get-out-of-jail-free cards in my pocket so that I could use it for this question so I don’t have to answer.



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dotdotdotlol (2009-11-14 08:16:45)
 Keanu is playing with the journalist. Love it!
GuestI have never heard a straight guy comments women in this way. (2014-11-01 05:44:38)
 "It's always wonderful to get to know women, with the mystery and the joy and the depth..."
I'm not saying that straight guys don't appreciate women, but usually they don't appreciate women in depth like this. To them, attractiveness to an opposite gender is mostly caused by the original part of the brain.
Anakin McFly
(2014-11-01 09:19:40)

In Keanu's case, I think his upbringing had a lot to do with it - he was raised by his mother (whom he described as a strong woman), and grew up with two sisters, while resenting his father who abandoned them. Elsewhere he has said that he thinks women are superior to him, and I generally get the impression that his anger with his father greatly impacted the way he saw men in comparison to women.
Guestwanting to meet you and be your girlfriend (2016-10-16 21:28:40)
 I am 53 originally from California. .currently in Flordia (I miss California )I work in a Dermatoligst office and Salon....our perfect date would be dinner near the beach,a walk on the beach,great music I love Guns and Roses,Motley Crue....Winger,etc.
GuestINTERESTING.. from Philippines (2016-12-24 10:17:33)
 so, it so happened that there was this time i read that Nunu (thats what im naming him) describes his life boring. It intrigues me, for a giuy who has access for everything, like i mean anything anyone anywhere he wants to color his life and his never there yet, looking or waiting it doesnt matter either way if you really feel not to step it up, youll still be in that place, his own world to color it or simply makes it black and white as he pleases.

So, Nunu, when will that beautiful eyes smile and shouts, "Damn! I am in love with this girl! Its happening, now!"

babychic - cebu, philippines

Guestkeanu.... (2017-01-10 13:04:31)
 I am a fan of yours.,same here.I wanna know the mysteries and depth..I'm from philippines.nothing is impossible.I'll see it coz I believe.+639561807136


Guesthi keanu (2017-01-24 09:38:33)
 I'm a doctor in Philadelphia in the process of simplifying my life.In the past two years I've experienced much makes you look at life makes you take chances and different paths you normally wouldn't. Here's to change and slowing down the pace, mia.
Guesthi keanu (2017-01-24 10:12:10)
 I'm a doctor in Philadelphia in the process of simplifying my life.In the past two years I've experienced much makes you look at life makes you take chances and different paths you normally wouldn't. Here's to change and slowing down the pace, mia. 215-464-0817
GuestHi keanu (2017-04-06 21:57:47)
 I admire u as a person and u r really an amazing actor.... U r an intense guy... Probably u would never even read dis message and would never know dat a girl like me who loves u a lot existed... But beleive me.. I am not sad.. Just move ahead in ur lyf and give urself a second chance and be happy..
With lots of love
GuestHeidi (2017-05-11 22:47:20)
 First off, it's amusing that people are writing to Keanu 13-14 years after he did this interview!
And yet, he's still single. I think some people are at ease with being alone. He likes his space and it would have to be someone like-minded because otherwise he would feel smothered and would pull away.
Guesti have a question for keanu reeves (2017-05-13 04:00:18)
 I would like to go out on a date with you.
Im not like most women where I spend time in front of a mirror. Ive devoted my life to my children and I am not married and very much single.
I enjoy the simple things in life such as a rainy days for plants. And sitting at a park watching the sunrise or set. I dont like the get out of trouble card because Ive learnt it is best to be faithful and true. And even though there are those who are wise and those who have knowledge, I have learnt the depths of love which in biblical standards surpasses all. Here is my number Mr Reeves in NZ [redacted]. Would you like to go out on a date with me? It is written Ask and you shall recieve. I only date striaght men so please if your not striaght I dont do crooked and if that is you ignore this message as well as the question. Here is a riddle how can you make a christian woman laugh?
Guestpart 2 for Mr Reeves (2017-05-13 04:45:13)
 I wrote the question would Mr Reeves like to go out on a date?
My name is Maria but it is a Maaori name which is pronounced like Maaria which means sweet. Those close to me call me Amio..which means behave. I am Maori polynesian and part Russian according to my real Dad but Im not too sure now if he really was my Dad. My mother died just before I was born and I was snuck into the public hospital to appear I was born there by the people who raised me. I love love I that havent had much of it. So forgive me in advance if I seem quite or shy Im very observant and protective of the heart...after all you only have the one. Even though I have a wall around my heart I perfer people use the front door as thats the only way in. Well that's if your interested in a date, I promise to look my best as I can. I dont wear make-up as I like to look the way I was born to look and whatever my real parents look like Im grateful to God for the way he made me. Though I could use motivation to lose weight as I dont feel confident at times in the way I look from being rejected so often and teased as well as mocked.Id like to go out with you Mr Reeves hence why Im asking. It takes courage to ask at times but I believe your worth it.
Anakin McFly
(2017-05-13 09:18:06)

Assuming you're not a troll trying to bait people into sending hateful or dangerous phone calls to that number: Firstly, as far as I know, Keanu does not read this site. Secondly, I'll be removing your phone number for your own safety because how on earth is it a good idea to put this much private information out there where thousands of strangers might see it? There are bad people out there, including those who might call you pretending to be Keanu and end up scamming you out of money or worse; because that's happened to people in this fandom. Thirdly, while Keanu is probably straight, he's also very much in support of the people you call 'crooked', and I doubt that line made him any more enamoured of you.

- Sincerely, a ~crooked~ Christian man who loves sunsets and is grateful to God for the way he made me.

Guestamazing (2017-09-16 02:59:52)
 I really find it amusing that people are trying to reach out to Keanu through sites like these, and even on the various Instagram accounts Keanu Reeves fans have made. I'm amused all the way to my bones but to be honest, I'd jump on the slightest chance at a conversation with him!

Just. Love. Love all around for everyone.


GuestMystery (2017-10-10 08:50:29)
 I am recently widowed. I saw the picture of you and your dog and said what an amazing man. Someone I'd like to get to know better. I enjoy a mystery man myself. I have two American bulldogs. If your ever up north in Michigan I'd enjoy going through the tunnel of trees on the back of your bike.
You are are very kind and hundsome gentleman. I hope all your dreams come true.
(2017-10-16 11:03:35)
 How incredibly clever to say "if you're 'crooked' [wth?] please just don't respond"


"See, he didn't respond!!!"

Guesthi Keanu (2017-12-05 20:13:16)
 Just wanted to say I enjoy your acting very much I know you must a have fans going after you. LADIES, Your in love with his roles he plays as a actor. Not the person behind the screen, and here we all are including me hoping for a hello. However he wanted a get out of Jail Free for the next annoying interview I'm pretty sure he isn't reading the contious comments. Lol but if he is Hello and keep up the great acting. Love to get to know you
Anakin McFly
(2017-12-05 20:21:28)

Nah, don’t sell yourself short (or us). A good number of us are fans of both his characters and the guy who gave them life.
(2017-12-06 01:57:56)
 GUEST. Nah, I'm in love with the actor, too. AND with the person in the Mickey suit. But ya know, there are 984,000 versions of love. This is just one of them ;)

Guest (2017-12-08 01:39:31)
 Who is in the Minnie suit? ;)
I did not know there are 984,000 versions of love.
I wonder how he came up with that number....
Who is in the Minnie suit? ;) (2017-12-09 01:13:46)
 I've no idea; that's Mickey's problem :)
GuestHi keanu (2018-01-27 03:15:31)
 I just want to say you really are sweet and kind you dont see that anymore i would never dream of meeting you i live in louisville Kentucky i just have always been a fan.

Love christy
(2018-01-28 04:58:06)
 He's not here.
Guest (2018-01-29 04:51:53)
 Can you prove that he's not here?
GuestGive this man his privacy (2018-03-18 16:46:28)
 Wow girls ... a famous guy say his single and you throw yourselves to a site (he is most likely not even paying attention to site
Guestummmm (2018-03-19 02:54:45)
 oh, okay...sure ;)
Guestnot keanu but empathize with him... (2018-04-20 20:36:46)
 "...intoxicated with each other’s company and everything becomes good in the world and there’s hope and you’re just excited to see them..." and "That if you can make a woman laugh, you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s earth."

Glad I found that in the wonderful lady I fell in love with 30+ years ago. That fire still burns bright.

Keanu, you seem like a great guy. If you read this, keep being a great guy. Hollyweird needs more great guys. Keep being "Excellent"!

GuestHe could have Charlize Theron (2018-04-23 07:56:22)
 Apparently Charlize Theron would most likely marry Keanu, but he's content to just be friends with her. What chance does any woman commenting here think they have?
Guestnone (2018-04-25 01:19:12)
we are not going to ask for his hand in marriage... lol
GuestIncurable romantic... (2018-06-12 09:10:00)
 Hi! Some of these ladies are probably right - he never sees this (but I never run with the pack) however, on the off chance he does, im very interested in getting to know him. NOT whats said but what HE tells me. Just to see if there was a connection. At least I can say I gave it a shot. I have never been the type to ask a guy out. haha! But I can guarantee a night of fun, real, engaging conversation and Step 1 in getting to know each other. What's better than that? We shall see.....Thanks for your time. :)


GuestPS: the haters can move on (2018-06-12 09:15:19)
 Doesnt matter weather you think he reads it or not. Some people just like the joy in brings to their lives imagining he does. Why be cruel and crush that. Does it REALLY matter to YOU??? If it doesnt affect you directly, leave it alone. These women love and admire him and his work. Who is ANYONE to come on here and stomp all over that? I ONLY ever wish him the most happiness he deserves. just like anyone else.


GuestNo Haters (2018-06-12 10:02:22)
 Just grew up Christi.
You looks pathetic
Guest (2018-06-13 10:12:06)
 I feel so disenchanted.

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