Extra TV (US), December 18, 2003

'Something's Gotta Give'

In the new romantic comedy "Something's Gotta Give," Jack Nicholson loves the younger Amanda Peet, while Keanu Reeves loves the older Diane Keaton.

Peet and Reeves tell us that locking lips with a Hollywood legend is no ordinary smack in the mouth. Peet says, "He is the master. It was all a little nerve-wracking."

Meanwhile, Reeves says that kissing Keaton was a lot of fun because they were both so immersed in the affection of their characters. He says, "I think that was fun to play, and it was fun to feel."

But, believe it or not, Keaton says she actually felt strange kissing Reeves. She says, "He is a God. He is so beautiful it is ludicrous."

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Something's Gotta Give


Something's Gotta Give


(2009-09-17 07:17:45)
 Ludrious..maybe..Makes Sense..ABSOLUTELY.

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