The Daily Record (UK), December 29, 2003

Keanu Focuses on Scots Film Project

KEANU Reeves has revealed he wants to come to Scotland to star in a screen version of Macbeth.

The 39-year-old Matrix actor is looking to begin filming Shakespeare's tragedy in the Highlands.

He explained: "I've done Hamlet on stage, now I would like to do Macbeth on screen.

"It would be cool to do it in Scotland."

The Canadian star said he has been learning aboutthe Scots accent from Tilda Swinton. Though Londonborn, the 42-year-old actress is married to Slab Boys author John Byrne and lives in Moray.

She is tipped to play opposite Keanu as Lady Macbeth.

Yesterday, a spokeswoman for Scottish Screen, which promotes Scotland as a film-making venue, welcomed the news.

She said: "I'm very glad he might be thinking about setting Macbeth in Scotland. It would be a welcome boost."


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