The Toronto Star (Ca), December 2003

[Doug] Gilmour made his surprise remarks after earlier announcing that he and another former Leaf captain, Rick Vaive, will team up with TV and movie stars for a two-game hockey series to benefit charity.

The Hollywood All-Stars will play on Feb.7 at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton and on the following night at the new Ricoh Coliseum at the CNE grounds.

The series hopes to raise $600,000 for charity. Tickets will range from $10 to $50 at Copps and a flat rate of $44 at Ricoh.

Actor Keanu Reeves and former world champion figure skater Elvis Stojko of Richmond Hill will also play in the games.

The chief benefactor will be St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto. Money will also be donated to Shoot for a Cure, Sunshine Dreams for Kids and the Anemia Institute Foundation.



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