The Book LA (US), January 5, 2003

Keanu Reeves Interview

Q: Matrix 3 is also called Revolution. Jada Pinkett Smith says we need a Revelation before a Revolution. Would you agree that we need some kind of awakening in the world today?

Keanu: Yes, I think that’s the point! But the Revolution is a non-violent Revolution…

Q: Does the world need a new big idea or faith?

Keanu: I don’t know if it’s faith, but certainly Neo learns about the struggle for life from from the machines, from the humans, from the people in the Matrix. At the end he is just asking for peace. It’s all about compassion. There is no us and them, and if that’s the case it means you don’t have to enslave or fight.

Q: Are you going to carry this character with you for the rest of your career?

Keanu: I don’t know about the rest of my career, but certainly in my life. It’s close to my heart.

Q: Are you excited by the release of Matrix 3?

Keanu: Sure. I love everything about the Matrix, the artwork, it’s so stylish, one notch above, just very cool…

Q: How do you feel about the violence in the Matrix?

Keanu: It’s good fun! It’s just movies. It’s spectacle. I’m not interested in seeing a snuff movie, but a good action picture, pop-corn action, it’s always fun. Also, beyond the spectacle, there are ideas in The Matrix films, which is something I like.

Q: How do you think you character differs between the second and the third movie?

Keanu: In the second movie he is still figuring out things with the help of The Oracle. But in the third film, Neo is now making his own decisions. He is more connected to himself. It’s the notion of “know thyself”. There is a maturation to the character. He knows a lot more, he is more experienced, but still with fears and hopes. He also knows a lot more about the outside world. Before, he knew strictly about the Matrix, now he knows about Zion and the world of the Machines. And he goes back and forth between Zion and the Matrix, and to the Machine and again to the Matrix, and then to the Machine City. So he is the only character who meets all the different entities of the films. And also his commitment to himself, and his love for Trinity develops…

Q: What do you think about the Conclusion of Matrix?

Keanu: I think it’s great and I thought it was really moving. It’s incredible to see my character, Neo, have so much compassion and consciousness and maybe have it extend to other characters. It’s a very powerful, if not the best message which you can have…

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