(UK), January 19, 2004

Keanu: Gossip Doesn't Bother Me

Hollywood superstar KEANU REEVES wastes no time worrying about the gossip surrounding him - because he's convinced it's all just a myth.

The hunky MATRIX star often finds himself the subject of salacious rumours but unlike some of his fellow stars, he refuses to allow the erroneous stories get to him.

And the 39-year-old actor lays no blame on the public for buying into the media frenzy that surrounds most 'A' list entertainers.

He says, "Man, I don't take it to heart. I really don't. You know, it's the external manifestation of the work.

"The outside view of Hollywood, in terms of being a celebrity, is kind of a myth to me. It's ephemeral, it's like something that's not real. I can understand why people get confused, because, if you're outside it, it's fantasy.

"You're watching fantasy on the screen and it's mesmerising."


Matrix, The

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