News of the World (UK), April 4, 2004

Smile please!

Niece to see you

The reclusive Keanu Reeves has a rare day out -- with his family!

Actor Keanu Reeves likes to keep himself to himself. And now he's even adopting an old man's look to keep his fans at bay -- regulation scarf, corduroy trousers and comfy shoes.

The Matrix star turns 40 this September, so maybe his new attire has something to do with hitting middle age.

But his sister and niece didn't seem to mind -- in fact the youngster followed suit in a nice chunky knit sweater!



"Look, that old man is wearing the same clothes as you," says his little niece.

"Hurry up," says the actor. "There's a Blue Cross sale on down the road."

Speed 17 -- if he trots below 6moh, Keanu's Hush Puppies explode.

Arthritis Reloaded -- Keanu's knees give way.


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Fiercelyred (2011-08-17 16:59:47)
 Sheesh, catty captions for the pics much?! Will ignore those, and go with the adorable pics themselves. Especially the one of the boy and Keanu running together, that one really hightlights his spirit imo. In a line from Friends: "There's a little boy inside this man. The doctors said that if they remove it, he'll die." :-)
(2011-08-18 01:59:44)
 Sister and niece? I don't think anyone there looks like Kim or Karina, and I never heard of any of them having children. Have I missed something, or what?
Guest (2014-11-29 07:21:40)
 she s not niece she s isabelle th daughter of best friend brenda davis
(2014-11-29 17:33:44)
 the kid in those photos above is NOT Isabelle ( who was older in 2004).
Guest (2014-12-07 00:04:41)
 s he s isabelle:isabelle have 18 year 2004 she s was 10 year
No, (2014-12-07 17:12:56)
 It's not Isabelle.

This is what Isabelle looked like in 2004

Guest (2014-12-08 17:32:01)
 lucas m thank ;) are you sur kim dont have child
(2014-12-09 00:05:53)
 I'm not sure about anything regarding Kim. She's not a celebrity and her life is very private.
Guest (2014-12-09 08:08:20)
 thank lucas m
Guest (2015-03-16 10:01:54)
Guestniec (2015-03-16 10:03:26)
 it s family of brenda!! pleas i want registrer i writ keanu for question first name of keanu it s tell me wrong pleas help me
Anakin McFly
(2015-03-16 10:21:03)

Didn't you see my previous comment? What error message do you get? There's nothing wrong with the form, since people have been able to register. Check that your email addresses match and there are no extra spaces when you type 'keanu'.
GuestUrl for see keanu in show tv italia (2015-04-01 16:44:16)

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