Warner Bros. (US), April 8, 2004

Tourists Make Stars Endangered Species

Welcome to the Starline tours, scoping out celebrity neighborhoods in the hottest streets of Hollywood. In one area, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Keanu Reeves, and Brad Pitt all live within a block of each other. Of course, Jennifer Aniston goes along for that ride, along with fellow "Friend" Courtney Cox and "Will & Grace" star Megan Mullally, who are all neighbors.

Starline tour guide Brian Donnelly says he'll break the rules to give tourists the ultimate ride, or in this case, A-List ride. Donnelly says, "I'm not supposed to go to Brad Pitt's house, but I do. Not all the time, but I do. And I've gotten a couple of tickets up there, but am I supposed to? No."

Most tour guides say the celebs are nothing but fair game. Donnelly thinks all's fair in love and tour. He says, "Don't they understand that people want to at least touch part of their lives, or see part of their lives? And is that a problem for them?"

But even worse, Donnelly says, "Thank God it doesn't snow here. People would be dead all over the place."

It may only be a slight overstatement; thousands of tourists comb the hills, searching for celebs as they navigate dangerous twists and turns along the road. But the struggle to read the map and drive the road puts lots of people in harm's way. Donnelly says, "Isn't that weird? To think that the Hollywood Hills are dangerous? It's not dangerous because of gangs, because you get killed just driving around there."

Not weird at all for the guys who hawk celeb maps for $10 a pop. So who wins this battle? Donnelly says, "Until the celebrities revolt and get everything so things are stopped: the public."



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