Heat Magazine (UK), April 10 - 16, 2004

Finally! Keanu Gets A New Pair Of Boots

He buys sturdier pair

by Polly Hodson

Most celebrities worth their Manolo Blahnik's have got footwear tumbling out of their walk-in closets. But Keanu Reeves - one of Hollywood's most bankable stars - isn't most celebs. Unbelievably, for a town where you never wear the same thing twice, the grungy Matrix star has been kicking about in the same pair of sand-coloured suede boots for the last two years.

But, now it's our sad duty to report that, despite having tried desperately to resuscitate his disintegrating boots by reinforcing them with gaffer tape, the actor recently lost the battle and was forced to shell out for a new pair.

Keanu was first spotted wearing the now-infamous boots in New York at the premiere of About Schmidt. Nine months later, he was photographed in them again outside the Georges V restaurant in Paris [have boots, will travel, eh?] Fast forward six weeks to the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City, California and Keanu's faithful footwear friends are still with him. But, by summer 2003, they were starting to look decidedly shabby and by their last public appearance, in March 2004, onlookers were shocked. The boots - held together now by tape alone - were a shadow of their former selves.

Keanu's new footwear - purchased just last week - are another pair of boots. But these ones, made especially for hiking, look much sturdier than their predecessors and will hopefully last a lot longer. For Keanu's sake, we hope they don't let him down.


Matrix, The

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