(UK), May 3, 2004

Keanu Buys Sister New Home

THE MATRIX star KEANU REEVES has splashed out on a plush new home on the Italian island of Capri, for his ailing sister KIM.

And in an extra show of generosity, the actor has also kept the house he once shared with Kim in Los Angeles - just so his maid can hold onto her job.

A source tells America's IN TOUCH WEEKLY that Kim - who has long suffered from leukaemia - relocated to Europe so she could easily go back and forth to Paris, where she is being treated.

And after Kim left the home she shared with Keanu, he decided to buy a new place for himself in Los Angeles.

A source says, "But Kim's longtime housekeeper would have been out of a job if he sold this house. The woman is a single mom, and Keanu feels really loyal to her. He could have just given her money, but this woman is proud and would have never accepted it."

So now Keanu is keeping the old home - even though it now sits empty.

The source adds, "She still cleans the house, and Keanu is happy to pay her."

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