The Daily Record (UK), June 12, 2004

Keanu in Drive-By Shooting Drama

HOLLYWOOD star Keanu Reeves put his action hero training to good use when he was caught in a drive-by shooting.

The 39-year-old is used to playing heroic roles in films like The Matrix and Speed.

And Reeves reacted like he was starring in an action movie when gunfire ripped through a Los Angeles neighbourhood as he did his shopping.

The actor stayed calm as windows shattered and people screamed in terror inside the supermarket, according to a US tabloid.

And Reeves reacted like it was a real-life version of one of his films as he hit the ground, yelling at panicked customers: 'Get down.'

After the gunshots died away, Reeves crept to the front of the store to peak outside.

After scanning the empty street, he said to the store owner: 'Call the police.'

But when cops arrived and swarmed the streets the culprits were nowhere to be seen.

The shoppers then found many of their cars had been shot.

Police believe the shooting was a random attack by a gang member proving himself.


Matrix, The , Speed

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