Il Resto del Carlino (Italy), August 2004


(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76)

The Matrix hero on vacation in Capri as usual.

The Matrix hero has once again come to the Capri's "piazzetta" (it means "little square"). The handsome and enigmatic Keanu Reeves arrived in Capri yesterday evening in his usual "urban look": a brown velvet blazer and black jeans and, maybe for artistic reasons, a long beard. Sitting at a table with the hero of so many successful movies there was "the only true woman of his life", his sister Kim, a thin beautiful girl who has been living for some years at the Migliera, one of the most beautiful zones of the island. Keanu often comes to Capri, he was here last week too, and he always gets completely absorbed into the local life. Together with Kim he takes long walks along the less known streets of Anacapri and goes swimming in the Baia del Faro at Punta Carena, in the Grotta Azzurra and in Tiberius' Cave, far and away from tourists and boats. His sudden arrival of yesterday evening was a nice shocking surprise for the people who at that moment were having a drink sitting at the tables in the square. Sipping her usual cold champagne with peach juice, the beautiful Kim waited patiently as her brother signed autographs, before going back home. In her bag she kept the dwarf greyhound Giocolino (it would be "Little Playful"), her inseparable companion since her first days on the island.

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