Il Resto del Carlino (Italy), August 2004


(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76)

Capri is indeed charming for overseas stars: Mariah Carey and Keanu Reeves always choose the "Blue Island" to spend their holidays. Fans try desperately to follow them anywhere to get their autographs, but it's difficult as they successfully manage to protect their privacy avoiding the "paparazzi". For Mariah this is not only a vacation as she is working at her new album at Quinto Talamona's Capri Digital Studios in Monte Tuoro. The singer is rehearsing her new songs which are coming out next Fall. But every evening after working so hard she usually goes to Franco Schiano's "Villa Verde" (a famous local restaurant) to have a spaghetti dish with cherry tomatoes.

Besides Mariah Carey, another famous star, Keanu Reeves, has come here as usual. The enigmatic Matrix hero is spending the whole month of August with his sister Kim, who permanently lives in Capri in a mansion-house at the Migliera, one of the most beautiful zones of Anacapri (so is called the Western part of the island). For him this is completely a relaxing period: footing in the morning, swimming in the Baia del Faro (Lighthouse Bay) or in the Grotta Azzurra (The Blue Cave, so called as the sea enters there). In the afternoon he and his sister always have an ice cream while taking a walk alongside the seashore.


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