Oggi (Italy), September 1, 2004

The Matrix "big heart" beats just for Kim

(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76)

She is very weak because of leukaemia. Her brother, the Hollywood star who is the hero of The Matrix trilogy, never leaves her alone. They have been spotted in the sea surrounding Capri, in moments of everlasting tenderness.

by Alessia Ercolini

The movie industry can wait. Whenever his beloved sister Kim needs him, the "handsome and damned" (translated from the Italian Belli e Dannati, the Italian title for My Own Private Idaho) Matrix star Keanu Reeves leaves everything to join her at once. Like a guardian angel, he would do anything for her. There was a moment she was so ill that he thought seriously to abandon his movie career in order to stay by her. After their parents had divorced, all that Keanu possessed was Kim, an expert horse breeder, a very brave woman despite of her thin constitution. "In that period we were loved by our mastiff only," the actor once said. Their father Samuel Nowlin Reeves, an Hawaiian geologist of Chinese origins, condemned for drug traffic, has more often seen jails than his children. Their mother Patricia, a rich English woman, after her second marriage to the theatrical director Paul Aaron, with whom she had another daughter, Karin, used to travel around the world rather than take care of her children, who, when they were still under age, spent most of their time alone with their nanny in Toronto.

Kim was the first one to believe in her brother's artistic skills and it was her who convinced him to leave Canada for Hollywood. "You are indeed good at playing, even though you don't realize it", she used to tell him again and again. Keanu has never forgotten this sentence, as he has never forgotten when she stayed by him with all her love in his most tragic moments of his life: when he lost his stillborn baby girl Eva and when his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Syme died too. After her baby's death she began to take psycho drugs and one night she had a fatal car accident in Los Angeles.

Because of her illness Kim often travels to Switzerland and to Paris, but it is only in Capri that she has been able to find her happiness again. So she has decided to establish her new residence just here. She has bought a mansion-house in Anacapri, the Northern part of the island, which once had been so charming also for Jackie Kennedy. According to those who have seen it, it is not Hollywood style. Even the swimming pool is modest. It's her own refuge, an oasis of ordinary life. Kim came here for the first time in 1997. At that time few people knew she was ill and her brother organized for her a trip with other friends to a "wonderful place," an island in the Mediterranean Sea where the Matrix star had already been and by which he was so fascinated. At the beginning the girl had decided to move here also out of love. Until three or four years ago it seemed that she was engaged to a local boy. Then, after the end of their love, she kept on being linked to this piece of paradise, which, thanks to Keanu, she had discovered almost by chance. After leaving the set of his last movie, A Scanner Darkly inspired by a Philip K. Dick's novel, Keanu and his sister Karin have joined Kim. The fans who have spotted him on the island maybe waited also for his new girlfriend Autumn Macintosh, the actress who, according to rumors, will be his wife later this year. And maybe this time they have been a bit disappointed: Keanu's big kind heart beats just for Kim.

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