The National Enquirer – Europ. Ed. (US), September 7, 2004

Keanu Reeves' Best Role: Devoted Big Brother

Caring actor treats his dying sister to sun-soaked vacation

Action star Keanu Reeves shows his tender side as he dotes on his cancer-stricken sister Kim during a sun-drenched vacation on the Italian isle of Capri.

As our touching photos show, the "Matrix"-star was right by her side as she enjoyed a dive into the Mediterranean Sea.

He then helped his visibly frail sibling as she climbed back aboard their boat.

"Although she is painfully thin, Kim seemed to be enjoying her summer outing with her brother and their friends," says an eyewitness.

Keanu, 40, has been utterly devoted to his year-younger sister, even buying her a 5,000-square-foot hillside home in California's San Fernando Valley.

Knowing that she detests hospitals, he transformed the sprawling mansion into a facility completely equipped for her care.

Kim has been bravely battling leukemia for several years.

"If she's facing her final days, Keanu wants them to be the happiest they can be," says a friend of the actor.

He's jetted his beloved sister around the world seeking a specialist and treatment that can save her life. "He's made no secret of his worries about Kim," says the friend.

And at one point, compassionate Keanu was talking about giving up Hollywood entirely so that he could focus on Kim.

But as our photos show, he's still doing everything possible to bring joy and love into her life.

Says a source, "It's so obvious watching them together that no disease can ever stand in the way of their love for each other."

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