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Keanu Reeves - Man of the Week

Why we like him?

Despite his oafish image, the guy knows how to draw people to a movie. He scores high points for his ability to appear in films that appeal to both men and women; we enjoy the blockbusting action while our lady friends can focus on the eye candy.

Why is he famous?

During his long and busy career, Reeves has been in Dangerous Liaisons (1988), Point Break (1991), Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Speed (1994), The Devil's Advocate (1997), and the Matrix trilogy. But for many, he will always remain dimwitted slacker Ted Logan from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989).

Overall rating 85

The world is divided into two categories: those who enjoy the work of Keanu Reeves and those who can't stand him. While it's true that he hasn't yet proven himself to be in the same league as Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson, his films have grossed over $3 billion worldwide.

Keanu Reeves is comfortable in both independent personal dramas and loud summer blockbusters. He personifies a new breed of action hero, one that isn't macho and out to steal scenes. Comfortable with himself, he comes off onscreen as a regular guy who's in way over his head.

Contrary to many Hollywood types, Keanu is willing to take a pay cut for the good of a movie. He allowed part of his salary to be deferred for The Replacements (2000) so that Gene Hackman could be cast and gave back $38 million of his Matrix sequels money to pay for some of the special effects and keep the movies on schedule.

This down-to-earth dude is always entertaining to watch on the big screen. He may be adored and respected by some and reviled and ridiculed by others, but there's no denying that Reeves will be remembered as one of the most popular movie stars to ever come out of Tinseltown.

Personality & talent 78

Keanu is a secretive person and not much is known about his personal life except that he enjoys ballroom dancing, horseback riding, surfing, and motorcycling, hobbies he's picked up on movie sets. He has a reputation for being uncultured, but this likely has more to do with being typecast as a slacker early in his career than his true nature. It also doesn't help that he's constantly self-deprecating when doing interviews.

Of course, the question many people ask themselves is, how can a man who has the emotional range of a polished doorknob continue to star in successful movies? The truth is that Keanu has the ability to convey passion and authority simply with his charisma. A man with a knack for choosing interesting projects, he's the strong silent type, and it's worked to his advantage in movies like Speed (1994) and The Matrix (1999).

Woman magnetism 92

Not only was Keanu Reeves chosen by Empire magazine as #17 on its list of 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History in 1995, but he's also been named as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People magazine. But women don't need a periodical to tell them that.

Many of his female fans have created websites devoted to this actor. Although he's been romantically linked to the likes of Jennifer Syme, Jill Schoelen, and allegedly had a romantic relationship with his Matrix co-star Carrie-Anne Moss, he has yet to settle down in a stable relationship.

Accomplishments & fame 87

(snipped for redundancy; this is just a list of his film credits and I'm too lazy to tag all of them. - Ani)

Coolness factor 82

When it comes to being cool, few actors come close to Keanu. His vacant-looking demeanor makes him appear indifferent about his fame and movie star label, which definitely adds to his coolness.

In fact, it's this blank-like image that made The Matrix (1999) so likable to begin with, helping to turn a science-fiction film into a huge mainstream success. Keanu would be a great guy to hang out with if we weren't so afraid of him stealing the ladies' attention...

Personal style 84

When hanging out or performing with his band, Keanu's comfortable in jeans and a plain T-shirt. But when it comes to public appearances, he almost always wears a stylish black suit with no tie. Oftentimes when he's not working, he grows a beard, and we have to say that it doesn't really suit him. But we'll let him keep it, as it must help his anonymity.

[Secret Wish]

That Keanu Reeves would appear in movies with more martial arts action and less dialogue.

(Standard Keanu-biography snipped for redundancy. - Ani)


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