Spirit (Fr), September 2004


Keanu Reeves


After playing The Chosen One, it would seem that Keanu Reeves would be heading in the Arnold Schwarzenegger direction, at the head of a sunshine state. While waiting for Neo to become the next senator of San Francisco or somewhere else, one thing is certain, Keanu will remain the elected one in the hearts of millions of hearts and that with an absolute majority.

You started your film career more than twenty years ago but you're still as young and sexy as you were when you first started. How do you explain that?
I am not so young. Like you said, I started working in films in the early 80's but, in those days, to be considered sexy, you had to have a certain older look; however, nowadays the younger you are, the more chances you have to become the new star that all magazines are fighting over. Personally, I was never really "in". I was too young when it was important to look older, whereas today, it's the contrary. I am 39 years old and I don't really feel that I'm in a young man's skin.

Soon you will be in your forties. Any ideas as to how you want to celebrate the event?
I'm still not sure. There are two possibilities completely at opposite ends of the spectrum. Either I will find myself alone in the desert or I'll organize a huge fiesta.

Do you find that your celebrity is a handicap?
Strangely, when I am on the street, people don't often come to see me. It's important for me to keep this freedom to come and go as I please in the world. Of course, there are certain periods, especially just before the release of a film, when you feel a lot more people staring at you in the street. Some people will take your picture or will follow you for kilometers. Those particular moments are strange.

Do you remember the first time that someone recognized you on the street?
This is something that I think will stay in my memory forever. I was going to see a movie with a friend in Los Angeles when we decided to stop at a store for ice cream. It must have been terribly hot outside for us to want to go inside for ice cream. Anyway, when it came time for me to pay for the ice cream, the cashier said: "No, dude, it's on me, 'River's Edge'." (nota: one of his first films). I asked him if he was sure and he simply said: "River's Edge!" That's how my new found celebrity helped me to save at least 5 dollars. (laughs)

Are you a romantic?
On my good days, yes! (laughs) I love Paris a lot especially for its romantic side.

What does being romantic mean to you?
It is to create the perfect intimate moment so as to permit love to flourish completely between two people who are going in the same direction. Being romantic is to be conscious of the joys of life and offer her the best part of ourselves. It is also to show the other person that we want to go through life with her and do everything to make sure she feels desired.

It's been a while since you worked in a romantic comedy?
I honestly regret this because I like this genre immensily. It's important also not to lock yourself into one type of role. After The Matrix trilogy, it is important for me to find roles that are closer to reality. It's wonderful to fall in love even if it is only comedy. To be honest, I wish that this would happen to me more often.


Matrix, The , River's Edge , Something's Gotta Give

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