The Age (Aus), November 17, 2004

Keanu in Spike Lee film

Matrix movie icon Keanu Reeves has signed on to star in a new thriller directed by cutting-edge Hollywood director Spike Lee, the industry press said today.

Reeves, 40, is set to take the leading role as a disgraced policeman in The Night Watchman, which will begin production when he has finished promoting his latest film, Constantine, that is set to open in February.

In the movie, the screenplay for which will be written by James Ellroy, Reeves's character tries to salvage his tarnished reputation by exposing corruption in a police department.

Lee is best known for his 1992 mega-hit Malcolm X, which starred Denzel Washington as the US civil rights activist, and he also made She Hates Me (2004) and 2002's complex drama 25th Hour.

Reeves first rose to fame in the cult teen flick Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) and became a major star after 1994's thriller Speed.

In addition to Constantine, Reeves will soon be seen in Thumbsucker, a film that is expected to premiere at the Sundance independent film festival in Utah in January.

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