The National Enquirer (US), January 10, 2005

Keanu's Pregnant Lady Friend Revealed!

As always, ENQUIRER brings you the real scoop

by Alan Smith

Who's your daddy?

That's the question Hollywood is asking after "Matrix" hero Keanu Reeves was spotted hugging and cuddling a very pregnant lady friend.

But as always, The ENQUIRER is pleased to set the record straight. The 40-year-old actor is simply reconnecting with a former flame... an old habit of his!

At least twice in November and December, he's been spotted with pretty actress Jennifer Barker.

"He's just standing by his ex-girlfriend, who's expecting a baby," revealed a source.

"Keanu is not the father. I know the father. He's not in showbiz and wouldn't want his name revealed."


The star's spokeswoman Cheryl Maisel confirmed the unusual relationship. "Keanu and Jennifer are just friends," she told The ENQUIRER. "They did date a long time ago and they have stayed close. He is not the father of her child.

"Keanu is not tied to anyone. He's not married, he's not engaged."

But bighearted Keanu took his former squeeze to a November 11 charity event in Beverly Hills where they were photographed.

Then on December 14, he took an even more visibly pregnant Barker to where the trendies eat to be seen: Ivy at the Shore in p Santa Monica.

That's when tongues started wagging.

"Everyone who saw them at the Ivy would be forgiven for thinking they were a couple in love and that he was the father of the baby she was carrying. He was extremely solicitous," said an insider.

"They were hugging over lunch, and when they left they walked around the neighborhood - hugging and kissing."

Revisiting old girlfriends is standard operating procedure for Reeves.

He was dating Amanda de Cadenet in 1996. They broke it off, but he returned for Act Two in 2000.

Keanu has also been on and off with beauty Autumn Macintosh over ten years.

Sadly, the star is said to have never recovered from the death of Jennifer Syme. They broke up after the stillbirth of their daughter in January 2000.

Jennifer was killed in a car accident a year later - just weeks after the couple had gotten back together.


Matrix, The , Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava

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