Milk (Hong Kong), January 27, 2005

L.A. Attack: Keanu Reeves

(Translated from Chinese by Irene, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

"Sorry, I'm too late..."

Please teach Keanu Reeves some Cantonese before he comes to Hong Kong, so he can apologize once he arrives; because he really hasn't been fair to Hong Kong fans.

1994, SPEED: Word got out worldwide that he was the new generation's action star - he didn't come to Hong Kong.

1999, THE MATRIX: Also a great hit, Mr. Reeves makes a promotional tour worldwide, his footprints go almost everywhere, and only Hong Kong is left out.

Up till 2003, "K Gor" (a remarkable character in Hong Kong movies, also one of the ways that Hong Kong reporter calls Keanu, Gor means brother) also did not appear in Hong Kong to promote The Matrix II & III.

Moreover, even Fiona (a singer in Hong Kong, who has a song named "Keanu Reeves reply"), who wrote a letter to him, still has no reply!

All in all, after waiting eleven years in total, next month... finally... Keanu Reeves will stop by in Hong Kong to promote CONSTANTINE. However, MILK couldn't wait, so we went to Los Angeles to interview Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence.



The change in Constantine is from the original British blonde to American brunette. K Gor said, "This is the only thing that's different between the movie version and the comic book. The background is set in Los Angeles; its name is similar to heaven, so it's quite interesting to put hell with Los Angeles together, but there are reasons." With the costume and the physical weakness, Constantine is very similar to Neo. Keanu talked about the differences between the two characters: "Neo has been unsure his whole life, always weak and self-sacrificing; Constantine is a hero but he becomes selfish. I think what Midnight (another character in Constantine) said is, 'Constantine is neutral, he rises to the occasion, he is fair to demon or angel.' I'm with Midnight." When we asked Keanu whether Neo or Constantine was more fragile, he said he had no idea.


The best part of Constantine for Keanu is his anger. His paradox, his progress to find out who he is. Constantine is a lonely hero out to exterminate demons, but it is not a pleasurable job. Although someone might enjoy that kind of work, others don't. "The dark humor storyline is my favorite. Demons in Constantine can fly and attack, and they have to continue destroying humans because of their hunger. There is also some demon-torturing going on. So there are a lot of action shots, jumping, running, hitting, firing..."


The original Hellblazer has quite a bit of dark humor, is that in the movie? Keanu answers, "In the movie there are some sharp moments, but also moments of delight. For example, when Constantine knows he has lung cancer, he takes a cigarette. Someone at the elevator asks him: 'going down?' He answers: 'Not if I can help it.'" Keanu is putting great effort into being like Constantine, so he's always asking himself if he speaks in the spirit of Constantine.


Although there are a lot of horror shots in there, Constantine is still hoping to be released as a PG-13 movie in the US. Some dirty shots had to be cut out. But Keanu mentioned that the most important thing is how Constantine found himself and his interaction with the world. This concept will not be cut, that is the most important for teenagers. Anyway, the cut version of the movie is still going to be great, despite lacking Keanu loaded with dirty and sexy moments.


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