New York Post (US), January 30, 2005

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by Elisa Lipsky-Karasz
(snipped for Keanu content)

Keanu Reeves is just about the only star who won 't accept free gifts. On Tuesday,he took a tour of the

Hewlett-Packard house,but refused to accept any of the iPods,digital cameras or photo printers they were giving out.

On the other hand,actor Lukas Haas asked staff,"What 's worth the most?" as he picked through the electronic goodies.




{{snicker}} (2010-01-19 00:18:06)
 there's the (self-styled) technophobe we all know and love :D.
(2010-01-25 16:30:11)
(2010-01-27 05:35:18)
you gotta love him (2010-01-27 17:33:21)
 I might be wrong but I keep thinking about an interview he did in which he mentioned that his sister had given him an ipod but it was still in the box he didn't use it
(BTW: It may not even be a Keanu interview I am thinking of)
:D (2010-01-28 01:58:36)
 " can't buy me love..." ;)

read that with a Liverpool accent ;) :D

GuestKathy (2010-04-25 00:02:16)
 I just love it. he's not very commercially involved is he? lol Do ya think he owns a pc? I dont own an Ipod either or a cell ..maybe he's not into them?
Anakin McFly
(2010-04-25 00:07:15)

Apparently someone finally gave him a computer for a present in December 2008, so yeah, he has one now.

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