FilmStew (US), January 31, 2005

A Keanu Reeves Valentine

In today's edition of the Hollywood Reporter, there were ten full-page ads. One for Hotel Rwanda, one relating to the 2005 Sundance hit Hustle & Flow, and eight congratulating Keanu Reeves on the Hollywood Walk of Fame star he received this morning in front of Hollywood and Highland.

The Walk of Fame is a thing of PR beauty: it's generally timed to coincide with the honoree's latest endeavor (in this case, Keanu's Constantine); there is now a DirecTV high-definition series of profiles of Hollywood stars, wrapped around when they receive this civic honor; and the Walk of Fame congratulatory ads are just one more way, along with those Sunset Boulevard billboards, for the studios, agents and managers to suck up to their A-list breadwinners.

The eight aforementioned ads offer a fascinating slice-of-Keanu-life. They were paid for by: Warner Brothers (releasing Constantine, A Scanner Darkly), The Yari Film Group (Thumbsucker, The Night Watchman), Goldman & Knell, Certified Public Accountants (you try counting all of Keanu's money), Sony Pictures (Chain Reaction), CAA (his agent, Kevin Huvane - the man thanked the most times at the recent Golden Globes), 3 Arts Entertainment (his manager Erwin Stoff), Village Roadshow Productions (The Matrix series) and Sandy B.

Who is Sandy B.? - Author of the effusive full-page Keanu kudo that begins:

"I took out a full page ad which set me back a pretty penny to show you how much I adore you! I better get the same size when you take out my ad for my star!..."

Of course, Sandy B. is none other than Sandra Bullock, a personal $1 million donor to the tsunami relief effort and recently announced as a co-star of Keanu's in their first project since 1994's Speed. For whatever it's worth, Sandy B.'s copywriting skills outdistance those of half the studios around town.


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