Walk of Fame (US), January 31, 2005

Keanu's 'Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame' Speech

(Transcripted by Keanuette, transcription edited for spelling by Anakin McFly)

Keanu Reeves at his star on the Walk Of Fame, January 31, 2005.

Thanks everyone for being out here. I'm nervous and I'm honoured. First of all I'd like to thank the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for this honour and for the privilege of including me in this remarkable collection of performers, characters, icons, both past and present. It's a great honour for me. And I'd like to thank Warner Brothers for sponsoring this day and for their continued support and their hopes in me - thank you Alan, Jeff, Lorenzo.

When I was thinking about standing here in a kind of... excitement. It made me think about where I came from and I was thinking back to being a 15-year-old in Toronto, Canada, doing a scene from 'Romeo and Juliet', playing Mercutio. And going home after that day and asking my mother if it was alright if I was an actor. And my mother said 'Whatever you want, son'. So, thanks Mom. Thank you very much...

And so, after that I started taking acting classes working for Uta Hagen 'Respect for Acting', at night after school. I'd audition for performing arts high schools. Then I got kicked out of that performing arts high school. Then I was doing some community theatre, working at Leah Posluns Centre and I was doing workshops, plays and played Mercutio again in 'Romeo and Juliet' -- this time, the whole play. And I got my first agent and I became a professional actor, doing commercials, radio, theatre, bit parts here and there. But, Hollywood was calling, Hollywood was calling.

So, I got in my car - a 1969 British racing green Volvo. Holes in the floor, bricks holding up the seats. And I was a young man, full of hopes and dreams. And when I landed, my first agent here was Hildy Gottleib and I just want to say thank you Hildy for taking a chance on me. After Hildy retired, I started to work with CAA and over the past 12 years, I've been working with the Maestro, the Maestro, the Maestro Kevin Huvane and I want to just say thank you Kevin for love and support, your attention, for watching my back - there's sharks out here.

And I'd like to thank my friends, who have become my family. The ones here today. I'd like to thank Robert and Josh and Ken, Emo, Dan and my first, Clare. Who saved me from a loneliness that I have never known.

And also, I've been blessed to work with so many great and beautiful people and artists over the years and making movies. I love making movies. Pretty much [thank you for that, thank you for saying that]. And through it all, pretty much every step of the way, I'd like to thank my manager and my friend Erwin Stoff. Really - Sir, without you, I do not believe this man would be standing here today.

It's been an amazing journey and I hope it continues. I'm still full of hope and dreams. And today, to be here, symbolised by this star, on this street, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I'm very grateful and thank you very much.


Romeo & Juliet


"sigh".. (2009-08-04 13:24:41)
 He speaks the language very well when moved to do so, does he not?

But off the wall is fun too ;)

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