(US), January 31, 2005

Keanu Says His Band Days Are Over

by Mike Szymanski

Actor Keanu Reeves fans know that he has often moonlighted as a rock star with bands like Dogstar and Becky. But, at a press conference for "Constantine," the actor says his band days are pretty much over.

"I played with them for about a year," Reeves says about the band called Becky. "But they wanted to get some record deals and go on tour and I can't do that, so I bowed out."

Reeves, who used to sing and play bass guitar for the much-maligned Dogstar, says that band isn't touring anymore. When the press corps said, "ahh" in response, he sarcastically said, "Right, thanks."

Reeves says he didn't get to play on the set of "Constantine" with singer and Bush guitarist Gavin Rossdale (who plays his nemesis in the film noir supernatural thriller). "He was working on his album then that I believe that he's almost finished," Reeves says. "We spoke a little bit about that."

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Dogstar , Becky


Dogstar , Becky , Constantine

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