VH1 (US), February 5, 2005

Keanu Reeves' Excellent Adventure

Actor Keanu Reeves has received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, proving to thousands of struggling actors everywhere that life really is unfair.

When asked how he felt about the honor, Reeves responded, "Whoa."

Despite being panned by critics and laughed at by film buffs, Reeves has starred in a number of films over the past decade and a half. His film credits include Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Hardball, and Johnny Neumonic. And while the movies he made have been diverse and, well, interesting, one thing has remained constant: his horrible, horrible acting.

At the presentation ceremony Reeves credited his mother for allowing him to pursue acting. Following the presentation ceremony, critics blamed his mother for allowing him to pursue acting.

Reeves' latest film, Constantine, is based on the DC comic "Hellblazer" and will be released on Feb. 18th. Following the premiere, the city of Hollywood will most likely debate removing the star before he is able to embarrass them any further.


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Hardball , Johnny Mnemonic , Constantine


Anakin McFly
:| (2009-08-03 14:24:07)

What Keanu really said:


Being Difficult (2009-08-03 18:40:26)
 Get a spell checker!
It's Johnny Mnemonic NOT Johnny Neumonic
and they could not even spell pneumonic right. BTW mnemonic refers to the memory pneumonic refers to the lungs
Eh... (2009-08-04 13:23:24)
 VH1.. consider the source.

Immaturity always thinks it's cute ;)

GuestThese same people... (2009-08-05 19:09:01)
 are probably the same idiots who thought the movie 'Dumb & Dumber' was funny.
Personally I like the subtly and nuance to many of Mr. Reeves' performances

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