"Constantine" Press Conference in Rome (Italy), February 10, 2005


(Translated from Italian by keanugirl76, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

Does Keanu Reeves believe in demons? "Definitely" says "The Matrix" star, who, 8 years after "The Devil's Advocate," once again faces Lucifer in "Constantine," a movie based on the not very politically correct comics "Hellblazer" by Alan Moore, and directed by Francis Lawrence, a music video maker (Aerosmith, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears). This is his first experience as a full-length movie director.

Co-starring Rachel Weisz and distributed by Warner Bros., the movie is coming out in Italian theatres on February 25th. Both Reeves and Lawrence are here today in Rome to promote it. Lawrence defines his movie as a mix of different styles – fantasy, detective and noir – rejecting completely any New Age implications.

In "Constantine" Reeves plays the role of a detective with supernatural powers whose only aim in his life is defeating evil to gain Heaven and escape from Hell, which he is condemned to. Indeed his destiny was marked a long time before, when, still as a child, he took his life in order to put an end to the terrible visions which kept on tormenting him. However, the infernal forces allowed him to keep on living in the human world – between the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell – until the day of his death. But agent Constantine has even more problems than this. First of all he's a hard compulsive smoker and suffers from lung cancer so that he will manage to live for a short time only. Then he has just come back from Hell where, because of his illness, he will very soon return to. And finally, since his childhood he can see the secret bands of angels and demons hidden behind human bodies and who try to get more and more followers in Los Angeles, where he lives. This is the plot of the fantasy-noir "Constantine."

Frank Capello Constantine – this is the whole name of the agent (I think they meant 'Frank Capello's Constantine' - Capello is one of the scriptwriters. Meanwhile, John Constantine was never, to my knowledge, ever named 'Frank'. - Ani) is a detective that reminds one a bit of Dylan Dog, but above all is the supreme anti-hero. He is a nihilist who came back to Earth, where he starts fighting against the evil forces together with agent Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz), investigating her twin sister's mysterious suicide, but just in order to get a ticket to Heaven. From this moment on a long, bloody and terrible war begins in a Los Angeles inhabited by dreadful devils and angels.

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