Cinemax (US), February 16, 2005


Cinemax: Can you tell us about your character in Constantine?
Keanu: I play a character who goes to hell for the life he took.
(they show a clip of Constantine asking Gabriel why.)

Keanu: In his efforts to find his way into Heaven he comes across this plot in forces that want to make it hell on earth.
(shows clip of Constantine in Papa Midnight's office)

Cinemax:: And Midnight.
Keanu: Papa Midnight, Djimon.

Cinemax:: Papa Midnight's so good!
Keanu: He's, oh my God. He's such a great guy. Midnight owns a club, it's kind of like a Switzerland. It's a place where the halfbreeds and the demons and angels can kind of interract. Deals can be made. Relationships can be had. But Midnight also collects icons, one of the treasures that Midnight has is the electric chair from Sing Sing, which can teleport you.

Cinemax:: Just what everybody should have in the back of the bar.
Keanu: (laughs) Well they kind of happen sometimes in the back of a bar, you get a little transported. (laughs)
(shows a clip of the chair)

Cinemax:: Did the two of you ever giggle when you were doing those scenes?
Keanu: Um...

Cinemax:: The intensity is so great.
Keanu: Yeah, we had a good laugh, we had a good laugh.

Cinemax:: It's so beautiful looking also.
Keanu: Yeah, I feel the film has a lot of original images in it and concepts. I like the idea instead of a hell on earth, there's like an earth and hell.
(clip of Keanu in the chair in the apartment transporting to hell)

Cinemax:: You really have done everything and proved yourself, you know, you can do comedy, you can do drama, you can do action. What does make you say that looks like the thing I'll do next? Is it that looks like fun? Is it I need to go back and act because it's been four years? What's the sort of?
Keanu: Four years!?

Cinemax:: Well, I don't know...
Keanu: Oh my God, if I had four years without working I'd be in jail! Or in, like, maricash (I have no clue what this is or how you spell it I'm just spelling it like it sounds).

Cinemax:: Maricash is fabulous, you could do worse!
Keanu: I heard maricash is fantastic! But it's what you're doing in maricash, I'd probably be in some bamboo cage! (laughs) Um... I have a hope and hopefully I can work out that I have a variety of roles in different kind of films. And hopefully on films that I resound to and like, you know?

Cinemax:: Keanu Reeves, thank you. Constantine.
Keanu: Thank you!

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