(UK), February 17, 2005

Cumming: 'I'm Not Married To Keanu!'

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING is keen to clarify his relationship with MATRIX star KEANU REEVES - they're not married.

Bisexual actor Cumming was astonished last year (04) when he learned of false reports that he and Reeves were supposedly husbands, because they'd never even met.

He says, "Someone had sent me this thing from this website and it said I had got married to Keanu. We got married in a secret ceremony, I wept throughout the entire thing, he was very butch about it all and MELISSA ETHERIDGE was there and she hummed one of her songs whilst we were getting married. Can't remember, but some other gay people were there.

"I am not married to Keanu Reeves, I'd just like to point that out! I've never even met him. The funny thing was it was an April Fool's thing on a website, but by the time it got to me it was after April Fool's.

"I could tell it was a joke, but some of my friends were like, 'You should sue!' Like I'm gonna sue them!

"A couple of weeks ago... our junkets were at the same place in LA and I was in this restaurant and I was having a meeting with someone. I glanced up and I saw him going past and we sort of (nodded at each other). Then I thought 'How do I know him? Oh yeah, I got married to him, that's right!'"


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