BBC (UK), March 17, 2005

No more rock for Reeves

It looks like Keanu Reeves is turning his back on his music career.

He stars in Radio 1's movie of the month 'Constantine', which is out tomorrow. But, while Keanu's film career is going from strength to strength, his musical aspirations aren't exactly setting the world alight and now he says it's all over. "Dogstar, we couldn't play together anymore about a year and half ago. Then I joined another band called Becky, which is a fantastic band, but I don't play with them anymore."

"They wanted to go on tour and do the whole thing and I was kind of in the way because of my schedule and stuff. So I bowed out." "I just go to shows now - no more rock for Reeves."

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Dogstar , Becky


Constantine , Dogstar , Becky

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