Celebrity (Ge), March 2005

Keanu alone at home

(Translated from German, unedited because Anakin McFly found it funny.)

As the dark detective "Constantine" he fights with devil strengths on the screen. But private Keanu Reeves (40) is a heavenly showpiece man: he first looks at the hands of a woman, likes to stay in bed with her in the morning and also wants to learn to cook...

Very conservative, this hollywood rebel. Is an interview put off Keanu Reeves (40) always takes the same outfit -- black t-shirt, black suit, darkbrown, worn shoes. Nevertheless his magic functions, also in ancient shoes: he spreads depth, is a tall (1.85m), really beautiful man.

A loner, who avoids business parties, just visits a premier when he has to and it's his film. The mysterious half-hawaiian laughs seldom, but has a sense of humour as dry as dust, that flashes in the conversation every know and then.

Celebrity: In Hollywood they like to cast you as a strange, peculiar, mystical and also lonely character. what do you say about this image?
Keanu Reeves:
I don't have a clue, I don't grapple with my image. About that I really don't care. I'm an actor.

Celebrity: How do YOU see yourself?
Keanu Reeves:
I'm a bourgeois, white boy from the middle-class, grown up without a father, with a very strange mother and two beautiful, younger sisters.

Celebrity: Is it right that you have no secundary school qualifications?
Keanu Reeves:
Yeah I dropped out premature.

Celebrity: Did you ever had the urge to fetch it later?
Keanu Reeves:
No thanks, I'm 40 right now and don't wanna go to school (laughs). When I want to learn something, I effort in another way.

Celebrity: What are these efforts?
Keanu Reeves:
I read a lot or talk to people who have the necessary knowledge. I don't need a certificate. I have my qualifications in "Matrix", I worked on it for three years (laughs). So I don't need school. Only when it is about languages and cooking. Maybe I should finally start to take cookery lessons...? (laughs)

Celebrity: You've lived in hotels for years and now bought a house.
Keanu Reeves:
And it's great, a tremendous experience! A nice feeling to come home in the evening.

Celebrity: Describe your acquisition a bit.
Keanu Reeves:
A modern house with a fantastic position in Los Angeles. It has two bedrooms and it's wonderful.

Celebrity: You live there alone?
Keanu Reeves:
Yeah, and short after the moving in it was strange. I was helpless and asked myself how I should I nourish myself now? how do you do it? where does the food come from? (laughs) I wasn't used to take care of it. The shootings for "Constantine" just started and I wanted to go back to the hotel immediately. Becoz in your own house you're lost, you call the workman who never come, you wait and wait (laughs), for ever and ever...

Celebrity: Women go crazy when you appear, but we seldom see you in company. How can a woman conquer you and what do you love about women?
Keanu Reeves:
Women choose me, not the other way round. But should it be conversely little things count for me like a movement of the hand or a nice sentence from her mouth. And hopefully she reminds me of my mother. (laughs) That was a joke of course.

Celebrity: What do you think about romantic farces, the fairytales with whome hollywood feeds us?
Keanu Reeves:
You could call it the propaganda of romantic love. When you're older and more experienced you can compare this fairytales with christmas. You know that the infant jesus doesn't exist, but nevertheless you are happy about the presents. You have to risk it and be opfen for it.

Celebrity: What's romantic for you?
Keanu Reeves:
The simple things of life. The spend the morning in bed together, play with the feet of the other... you just look at each other, talk and laugh together. Such a morning in bed is the best of all for me!

Celebrity: How do you get to know new friends as a superstar?
Keanu Reeves:
Hallo (laughs)

Celebrity: Other stars say that you can't cope with your glory, becoz your life and you yourself changed to much.
Keanu Reeves:
I never experienced that. Apart the set I live a quite normal live. When I go out I'm seldom recognized. I'm a very private person. It didn't change a lot since I was a boy. My friends just feel sorry for me when the fuss gets too big. Poor Keanu they say then....

Celebrity: What brings you fun when you don't work?
Keanu Reeves:
I love my motorbike, I like rock concerts, like to go out for dinner, hang around and drink wine with my friends.

Celebrity: Is it true that you gave away Harley-Davidson Motorbikes to your stuntmen?
Keanu Reeves:
Yes, after we shot one brutal scene for "matrix III" with stuntmen for about six weeks. They hung on ropes, were screwed in the ground, but no one moaned. That's what I wanted to say thanks for. At the last day the truck with the Harleys came. That was a good day!

Celebrity: What is your new film "Constantine" about?
Keanu Reeves:
John Constantine searches for his way out of hell in the Los Angeles of today between angels and demons... that's the story of a man who at least finds his harmony, his way to this world. A dark theme but produced with a lot of humour.

Celebrity: The hero, a detective, initially was the comic figure "hellblazer." Do you have a weakness for comics?
Keanu Reeves:
Not that much today, but when I was a kid I loved "X-men" and much more "Spider-man". I was Spider-man!

Celebrity: How was the work with your partner Rachel Weisz?
Keanu Reeves:
Simple nice. She is a very kind colleague and we had a lot of fun together.

Celebrity: What appealed you on this role?
Keanu Reeves:
I'm interested in Johns fury and his ambivalence. I like it how he endures the many cruelties of this world with dry humour. the script is written excellent and when I read the following quote I straight away counted me in. It totally fascinated me: "God has a plan for everyone of us. I have to die two times to twig it."



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Guestwish you happiness always (2013-04-17 19:06:28)
 i like the way you handle everyhting in life. good luck keanu. i wish you victory everywhere you step. regards chero
Guestkeanu (2013-04-19 10:01:14)
  I write nicely to Keanu in Hollywood but since almost 3 yrs now he never responds to me or signs any autograph.When I went to a UK film studio to try to see him they wont let me in.Yet he readily see's and signs for any other fans,everyone knows who I am aswell,this constant snubbing of me by him has affected my fandom of him.I feel very excluded,maybe becos the media and public hate me. Paula A
Anakin McFly
(2013-04-20 05:17:59)

1. Keanu doesn't reply to fanmail, and most likely doesn't read it either

2. People who aren't part of a cast and crew generally aren't allowed on set unless they have a very good reason, of which 'I want to see Keanu' is not one

3. I'm pretty sure if you went to one of those meetups where Keanu sees and signs autographs for other fans, Keanu would be just as willing to give you one

4. and if you're honestly convinced that the media and the public hate you and that Keanu has a personal agenda against you to the point that he would actually be able to recognise you and snub you, then congratulations at having made that much of an impact on Mr. Reeves' life.

Guesthallo (2014-09-26 22:54:59)
 wondering about a) the contents of his library
b) if he believes in the existence of a reason for him to learn the song love story by Taylor swift and or to be with you by Mr big on acoustic guitar & c) is it a specific type of strange or a level of strangeness reached & d) open to the idea of joining #bbn e) would ride to sturges w/a side cart sincerely, janeofamerica@gmail.com #coughcough
Guestlovely read (2014-11-24 21:24:26)
 What a nice read tgat was.. good questions. He seemed very relaxed with the inteview.

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