Ultimate Metal Forum (US), May 1, 2005

Keanu Reeves

(at the Anthrax concert at House of Blues)

Tony Stark: What a jerk. That pisses me off that he did those things at the show. Acting like he can just walk through someone as if they're not even there. What a dopey-faced piece of Hollywood shit . Someone should have decked him....kung fu? I bet he's never even been in a fight let alone use it.....I'm sure he had some paid muscle hiding in the crowd watching his celebrity ass making sure he didn't get breathed on....what a fuck. Can you tell that I hate most celebrity scumbags?

Lordlindsey: No...I hadn't noticed at all.

iron_maiden: if he'd done that to me kung fu or no kung fucking fu i would've kicked his ass
what a fucking jerk

Sir_Phobos: ( wait a quick impersonation)
(dog star) AND I DO GAY ROLES LIKE MY OWN PRIVATE BUTT POTATOE ( my private idaho)
all this being done in the manner of stupidnes in either bill n ted movies
some how I can never see him playing anythng smart ( though I own all 3 matrix movies) and want to see CONSTANTINE ( I used to collect the comic,I know why hell wants him)

pjdragon5150: I thought that dude I was shoving around looked like Keanu Reeves; was that really one of the Wyld Stallyns on the floor at the HOB last night? What did he do to piss you off? He just seemed really wasted to me.
Anyway, whatever. Anthrax just kicked ass like no other band can, then or now.

I81B4U: I don't get the bagging on Keanu. (Granted I always have bagged on his acting) But, he was super cool to me and even let me get a pic with him. He was courteous and didn't seem like he was a pompus ass. So I really can't see him being a Dick! Now I am pissed because he was so cool that I can't bag on him anymore.
BTW/Buddy where did you go! I went to talk to Scott for you and when I came back you were gone. Did everything work out? I didn't see you upstairs.

Crued: he was cool when i saw him. i dunno what people are talking about.

Brentney_Spears: I met Keanu. Woaahhhhhhhh
Nice guy, smelled wonderful.

Jono: he was fucking awesome as constantine

timmyc: Keanu is cool. I say get over it.

Pink Metal: Keanu was really super nice - seeing as how I threw him in the pit!
we were moshing hardcore & then he linked arms with me & started headbanging & then he was playing air guitar! what a freak! I told him he was gonna get killed. He just kept saying "comon' we need a good song!" and "I love these guys!" It was hilarious!

Tony Stark: Sorry for the moronic rant. I had a bad night at work and had to vent(4am in the morning working graveyard makes you grouchy)...I have nothing against Keanu Reeves. I just saw Constantine last night and thought it was great.


Matrix, The , Dogstar , My Own Private Idaho , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Constantine

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