Chicago Sun-Times (US), May 13, 2005

Is Keanu playing Romeo to Lynn Collins' Juliet?

by Bill Zwecker

Sounds as if Keanu Reeves was even busier than we realized during recent filming here. Seems that along with his moviemaking, the actor's love life also got a boost.

Reeves reportedly started a romance with his ''Il Mare'' co-star Lynn Collins -- best known for her sterling performance last year as Portia in Michael Radford's acclaimed remake of ''The Merchant of Venice,'' starring Al Pacino as Shylock.

But the couple clearly kept things quiet here. According to a source on the ''Il Mare'' set, ''If there was something going on, they certainly were very discreet. ... If there was a romance, there was no hint of it -- that we could see.''

Interestingly, in the film, Reeves plays an architect and condo developer. Collins plays his secretary who becomes his girlfriend. Could it be a case of life imitating art?

Reeves wrapped his filming a week ago but stuck around to attend the U2 concert Saturday night. Collins finished her work on ''Il Mare'' about a week earlier.

Sandra Bullock is still in town until the total production wraps its Chicago filming in about 10 days.

Collins -- a native Texan -- is a Juilliard graduate with a strong background in Shakespearean theater. Prior to her "Merchant of Venice'' role, she starred as Ophelia in a New York production of ''Hamlet'' and played Juliet in Peter Hall's ''Romeo & Juliet'' production in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress heads to London this summer to play Charlotte Bronte in the upcoming ''Bronte'' film about the 19th century British family of writers.

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