IGN (US), May 13, 2005

Stone Denies Night Watchman

It was reported recently in the trades that Oscar-winner Oliver Stone was mulling directing the James Ellroy tale The Night Watchmen. Spike Lee had previously been attached to helm the LAPD crime drama but dropped out. Keanu Reeves is still apparently attached to star.

Stone, however, is not directing the film after all. He issued a press release on the matter. "Contrary to recent reports in the media, I've never announced or intend to make films called Constantine, The Night Watchman or the life story of Margaret Thatcher," Stone's press release Thursday declared.

Stone had been developing a script with writer John Ridley but "it didn't work out. ... I'm no longer involved with it."

Producer Avi Lerner is thought to be financing Night Watchman via his Millenium Films' shingle.


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