New York Post (US), May 14, 2005

Lost Celebrity Loot

CALLING all celebrities — there's money waiting for you in unclaimed accounts. According to the Web site, countless bold-facers are owed money from long-lost insurance payments, security deposits, royalties and other sources. Jennifer Aniston could cash a $107 Tiffany store credit. Clint Eastwood stands to make a cool grand from uncollected insurance payouts. Keanu Reeves can pick up an old phone-company security deposit. Other A-listers owed cheddar are P. Diddy, Tara Reid, Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Charlie Sheen, Ivana Trump, Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, John Travolta, Jerry Seinfeld and Woody Allen. Former boy wonders Corey Haim and pal Corey Feldman are owed a little loot, and pesky Pauly Shore may want to claim his $133. Some of the forgotten funds might have changed lives, if they'd been picked up. Dana Plato, who once robbed a video store to pay her rent, had over $2,000 waiting for her when she died of a drug overdose in 1999. Other dead stars on the list are Marlon Brando, with a whopping $48,000 in unpaid funds, and River Phoenix, who tragically OD'd before getting his hands on the elusive bounty.



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