(UK), May 16, 2005

Downey Jr.: 'Reeves is Rock 'N' Roll'

Troubled actor ROBERT DOWNEY JR has become a huge fan of Hollywood heart-throb KEANU REEVES after seeing his superhero performance in CONSTANTINE

The CHAPLIN star is convinced Reeves' blend of action hero and sensitivity in the face of damnation in the comic book adaptation are the perfect encapsulation of rock 'n' roll.

But Downey Jr's requests to see Reeves perform with his rock band DOGSTAR have always been turned down, because Reeves is keen not to disappoint his admirer.

The 40-year-old tells British magazine EMPIRE, "I've gotta hand it to Keanu. He really kicks a*s as a man who still cares, even though he's consigned to hell and brimstone.

"It's a classic action performance that ranks alongside MEL GIBSON in LETHAL WEAPON.

"I haven't seen his band Dogstar. I said to him that I wanted to go see them but he was like, 'No, you don't.' He's really humble."


Constantine , Dogstar

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