(US), June 6, 2005

Gawker Stalker

(snipped for Keanu)

This isn't too exciting, but I did have a NYC sighting of Keanu Reeves and his new gal pal this past Sunday.

I was eating at a restaurant on the Upper West Side (apparently, he keeps a place on CPW). I was there around 5pm, and sitting with my mom, cousin, and husband. We didn't notice him until 15 minutes into our conversation. To my embarrasement, we were talking about celebrity sightings in NYC. My mom and cousin were so excited, because they just saw Bruce Vilanch??? My husband and I starting rattling off all of the people we see in the neighborhood, when I noticed someone shooting me dirty looks.

You guessed it, Keanue was not happy with our conversation. I turned bright red, and stopped talking. I immediatly whispered to everyone to SHUT UP. I then proceeded to mention that Keanue Reeves was sitting one table over with his new girlfriend, and two other friends. Since we were the only two tables that had people eating in the entire place, it became very silent in the room. We were uncomfortable for about 5-10 minutes, but then it passed.

We tried to ignore that he was arm's reach away, for the next 45 minutes, and talked amongst ourselves. He did get up a few times, and my mom made eye contact with him. She smiled very sweetly, but he ignored her. He was very affectionate with his girlfriend, and held her hand throughout the meal. She is kinda cute, in a hippy way, and he looks very scruffy.

As the restaurant started to fill up, he become uncomfortable. He left about an hour after we got there. I swear, when he left, the entire restaurant became silent. Once he walked out, everyone started talking about him. It was very funny.



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