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Keanu a Married Man?

You wouldn't know it from the almost daily stomach-churning public displays of affection from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but many celebrities prefer to keep their relationships private. Witness the recent undercover nuptials of Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney. Or Jack White and Karen Elson. Or Keanu Reeves and Autumn Macintosh.

Say what?

Yup, a British tabloid reported this week that the privacy-loving "Matrix" megastar secretly wed his former squeeze last month in Los Angeles.

"They don't like causing a fuss," an insider told the paper, adding that the supposed "quiet civil ceremony" at a "small restaurant" was attended by "only family and friends."

The timing of the alleged aisle walk is bewildering. In recent weeks, Reeves, 40, has been squiring Lynn Collins, 28, his "Il Mare" co-star and rumored girlfriend around Los Angeles (he's even been driving her around on his Harley, a sure sign of celebrity commitment). Just a few days ago, they were reportedly spied playing tonsil hockey at a Manhattan hotel.

So what's the deal? Did the notoriously close-mouthed Keanu take an under-the-radar plunge with Macintosh, whom he was first linked to back in March 2004?

Not so much. In an e-mail to MSN Entertainment, his spokeswoman says the rumors are (emphasis and exclamation marks hers) "completely FALSE!!!!!!"

So there.

Still, if Reeves ever does decide to tie the knot, chances are the public will be the last to know.

"I'm not interested in showing anybody what's behind the curtain," he told Time earlier this year. "I like watching a good documentary about how something was made. I just don't want it to be my life."


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