E! Online (US), July 2, 2005

Think Stars Can Flee Hollywood and Hide Out in NYC? Well, Think Again!

(snipped for Keanu)

Clearly, I'm in the right spot, because as we launch into dessert, Keanu Reeves arrives with a dark-haired girl, who, as far as I can tell, is not his supposed girlfriend and Il Mare costar Lynn Collins. That is, unless she suddenly dyed her hair black (but just a few days ago at the Bewitched premiere, she was California blond). Keanu, who looks uber-scruffy with disheveled hair and an unshaven puss, slouches into the booth, and the babe slides in next to him. They don't seem exceptionally lovey-dovey as they share a bottle of wine with their meal, but they are snuggled together in the booth. Time will tell, I'm sure.


Lake House, The

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