(UK), July 5, 2005

McGregor: 'I Would Have Loved Matrix Role'

EWAN McGREGOR is furious about rumours he turned down the lead role in the MATRIX movies - because he would have leaped at the chance to star in them.

The Scottish actor was reportedly offered the role of NEO in the sci-fi blockbusters - a part which eventually went to KEANU REEVES.

And McGregor is concerned his agents may have rejected it and not told him.

He tells PLAYBOY magazine, "I didn't turn it down. Not to my knowledge anyway. F**king people will hang if I did."

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Matrix, The


Matrix, The


eh, too late now (2009-08-12 01:25:28)
 all for the better though, Reeves handles the green screen much better ;) :))

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