Sci Fi Wire (US), July 15, 2005

Cohen Defends Reeves As Sinbad

Rob Cohen, who will direct Keanu Reeves in the upcoming fantasy film The 8th Voyage of Sinbad, told SCI FI Wire that he believes the Matrix and Constantine star is perfect as the eighth-century hero Sinbad the Sailor, despite reactions to the contrary. Cohen added that Reeves is not too contemporary an actor to play the role, as some critics have said. "One of the things I love about Keanu is I've always found him a guy out of time," Cohen said while promoting his latest movie, the SF film Stealth. "Even in contemporary movies I find him kind of removed, not [like] the surfer-dude kind of thing he did [in the Bill and Ted movies]."

Cohen (Dragonheart) added: "Keanu has a depth that's sort of unknowable. He has an unknowableness, and I think that works really well for a hero who's sort of for the ages. You don't have all your questions answered, and it isn't completely obvious what's going on with him. Some people can say, 'Oh, well, it's vacant.' Or they're still stuck with what he did early in his career, like 'Duuuude' kind of acting. But I have seen him in a different way, that he has achieved an iconhood that is about this sort of drifting in his own universe, no matter what universe the story is in. And I think that's one of the keys to the hero in these mythic sagas. You know what they do, and you suspect you know why, but you're not exactly sure, and I think he has that dimension."

Cohen said that if all goes according to plan, production on The 8th Voyage of Sinbad should commence early next year.

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