Seattle Post-Intelligencer (US), August 27, 2005

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(snipped for Keanu)

Step aside Ashton and Demi. There's a new May/December romance in Hollywood, at least according to Star Magazine. The hookup -- Diane Keaton, 59, and Keanu Reeves, 40.

"Sources" tell the tab that it's not even the first go-round for the pair, who met while filming "Something's Gotta Give," in 2003. Reeves played a doctor who was attracted to Keaton's character. Back then, the anonymous whisperers say, they had an intense relationship. More recently, after Reeves broke up with a 28-year-old actress, he started courting Keaton again.

A friend of Keanu's said: "He's in awe of her. Her independence, her success in various fields and the fact that he can learn from her makes her sexy to him, even though she's almost 60."

Keanu's rep denied there's a romance. Diane's declined to comment.


Something's Gotta Give

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