The Pioneer Press (US), October 14, 2005

Hollywood film pays homage to Ore. town

Hollywood hit "Thumbsucker," which stars Keanu Reaves and follows the story of a 17-year-old boy who still sucks his thumb, was filmed in Beaverton.

In press materials, director Mike Mills gushed about the town - except he called it "Beaverwood, Oregon."

In its review of the movie, the New York Times referred to Beaverwood in its opening paragraph.

And in the credits, the filmmaker also botched the name of the town's mayor, Rob Drake, referring to him instead as "Roger Drake."

While it's always troubling when Hollywood gets major details wrong, the $1 million the crew spent in Washington County and spreading the good word about Oregon is bound to go a long way, said Bob Schmaling, an official with the Oregon Film & Video Office.

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