(UK), November 3, 2005

Stars Design a Range of Items for Charity

The BLACK EYED PEAS, HILARY DUFF, LINDSAY LOHAN and KEANU REEVES are among a host of stars who have teamed up to personally design a range of items to benefit various charities.

The designs, which are featured on tops, T-shirts and greeting cards, will be donated to charities of the celebrities' choice.

SYLVESTER STALLONE, whose designed items will benefit the Heart of a Child Foundation, says, "The whole concept is such a heartfelt idea."

STEVEN TYLER, ANTHONY KIEDIS and DAVID ARQUETTE are also among the stars who have added their own artistic designs to the items, which have been created in partnership with Angelwear, and are for sale online and at US department store Bloomingdale's.



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