BBC (UK), November 10, 2005

Bulgaria's Harry Potter Star Big Fan of Keanu Reeves

Although educated in London, Bulgaria's Stanislav Ianevski fitted the Krum bill right down to his nationality and his love of keeping fit, BBC wrote in an article dedicated to the stars of the newest movie for Harry Potter.

There is acting in Ianevski's blood, his grandmother was a professional actress in black and white films in Bulgaria. Ianevski, 20, was plucked from obscurity to play Krum, the Bulgarian Quidditch hero of the Durmstrang Institute.

"The Bulgarian film industry was very strong but the money has gone now since the fall of communism and not so many films are made there," said Ianevski.

He insists the newcomers were made to feel welcome on the set by the Potter veterans. "I met Emma (Watson) first when Mike (Newell) introduced me to her when I went into the studio for the first time. I felt as if I had known everyone for years even though I was entering something new. It was a really good family atmosphere," Ianevski shares with BBC.

Although this was his first screen role he has his sights set high. "I have always followed Keanu Reeves, right from the beginning until he reached the top - I would like to do the same."

But Ianevski was disappointed when he read the sixth Harry Potter book and found his character did not make a return to the action.

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" will be screened in Bulgaria on November 25, with the reported attendance of Yanevski himself.

That would be the first time the London-resided star will introduce himself to the Bulgarian public.



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