Star Magazine (US), December 12, 2005

Macho Keanu Is A Real Mama's Boy

Although he plays a tough gunslinger in The Matrix movies, Keanu Reeves, 41, is a real mama's boy at heart. A source close to Keanu's mom, Patric, 62, a costume designer who's been married four times, says Keanu hardly makes a move without her. "They talk on the phone almost every day. He asks her advice on everything, even movie roles," the source confided to Star People. "And I don't think the woman has seen a bill in 20 years. Keanu has them all sent to his accountant," the insider added. "He takes her shopping and buys her whatever she wants -- jewelery, clothes, you name it! And Patric has impeccable taste; everything is top of the line."

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GuestDang! (2009-08-16 06:33:38)
 I wish I were his MAMA - this makes me think of the really super cool show the Housewives of Atlanta City... I think the gal has a Big PAPA though. I'm not certain about the BIG part. I just don't know.
I never (2009-08-16 06:51:49)
 thought about Keanu's characters as a 'macho-like'; they may look tough, but they're gentle at the same time.
Anakin McFly
yeah (2009-08-16 21:19:17)

Same here. I don't consider 'tough gunslinger' to be an accurate description of Neo.
I agree (2009-08-16 23:47:41)
 Some people have the sensitivity of a squid ... if any!
(2010-03-03 16:23:23)
 Right. Neo was more of a searcher than a gunslinger.

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