The Desert Sun (US), December 22, 2005

Keanu Reeves to be a presenter at film fest awards gala

by Karkle Urch
(snipped for Keanu)

The red carpet just got a little deeper. And it ought to be - with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Viggo Mortensen and Virginia Madsen planning to walk down it on Jan. 7 as awards presenters at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala.

Festival Board Chairman Earl Greenburg confirmed Wednesday night that Reeves would be presenting The Desert Palm Achievement Award to Charlize Theron, who appeared with him in the 1997 box office hit "Devil's Advocate."

"We ask each of our honorees to tell us who would be very special in their lives that they would like to present the award," Greenbrg said.

"Charlize Theron said she would love Keanu Reeves to present it and he said he would," Greenburg said in a telephone interview from his home.


Devil's Advocate, The

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