Spin (US), March 21, 2006

Radiohead to Score Linklater Film

As plans develop for Radiohead to get out on the road for a summer tour, the band has confirmed that it will also contribute music to the soundtrack for director Richard Linklater's film, A Scanner Darkly.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, a spokesperson for Warner Independent Pictures revealed that the band's contribution to the film extends even farther than previously believed. Radiohead won't score the entire film -- which stars Keanu Reeves -- they said, but the film will "feature music by Radiohead, including a brand-new track from lead singer Thom Yorke's upcoming solo release."

No further information on Yorke's solo project was revealed and so far, Yorke himself is keeping mum on the details.

A Scanner Darkly, an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's sci-fi book, will hit theaters July 7, according to Pitchfork. The band has announced a set of tour dates, but none on this continent just yet.

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