Toronto Sun (Ca), May 27, 2006

Keanu turns 40, goes into therapy

by Bruce Kirkland

CANNES -- Turning 40 inspired Keanu Reeves to go into therapy for the first time, the actor said yesterday.

Reeves is at Cannes with Richard Linklater's sci-fi animated film A Scanner Darkly. He surprised a small group of reporters -- including the Toronto Sun -- with the news during interviews for the movie.

Reeves rarely reveals anything about his personal life.

"What have I done with my year? Good question," Reeves mused after revealing he has not worked on a film for the past 12 months (Scanner wrapped shooting 18 months ago).

"I started some therapy. I was doing some personal work. This guy (his therapist) kind of changes his deal. If we're talking about youth stuff, he tends to be Freudian, it seems. And then, as we kind of go into more newer stories, it seems like a Jungian kind of thing."

Asked, "Why now?" Reeves replied: "Why not now? It had to happen some time. I guess it was just time." The experience of shooting The Matrix trilogy spurred some interest in the process because he read a lot of books on philosophy, spiritualism and religion as research, Reeves indicated.

"And I think I just (came to it). I had that classic moment of turning 40 and all of that kind of stuff. And working a lot. And it was just time to stand still for a second. But now I'm ready to go work."


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